Dental materials journal

Wear model simulating clinical abrasion on composite filling materials.

PMID 21946496


The aim of this study was to establish a wear model for testing composite filling materials with abrasion properties closer to a clinical situation. In addition, the model was used to evaluate the effect of filler volume and particle size on surface roughness and wear resistance. Each incisor tooth was prepared with nine identical standardized cavities with respect to depth, diameter, and angle. Generic composite of 3 different filler volumes and 3 different particle sizes held together with the same resin were randomly filled in respective cavities. A multidirectional wet-grinder with molar cusps as antagonist wore the surface of the incisors containing the composite fillings in a bath of human saliva at a constant temperature of 37°C. The present study suggests that the most wear resistant filling materials should consist of medium filling content (75%) and that particles size is not as critical as earlier reported.