Organic & biomolecular chemistry

Synthesis of uronic-noeurostegine--a potent bacterial β-glucuronidase inhibitor.

PMID 21952673


Inhibition of β-glucuronidases has recently been shown to be useful in alleviating drug toxicity for common colon cancer chemotherapeutic CPT-11 (also called Irinotecan). We have prepared a new compound of the nortropane-type, uronic-Noeurostegine, and demonstrated that this is a competitive and potent E. coli β-glucuronidase inhibitor, while inhibition of the mammalian β-glucuronidase from bovine liver was found to be less significant. Although not intended, two other compounds having N-ethyl and N-(4-hydroxybutyl) substituents were also prepared in this study due to the sluggish debenzylation in the final step. The N-substituents are believed to come from reaction with the solvents used being ethanol and THF, respectively. These compounds also inhibited the two β-glucuronidases albeit to a lesser extent compared to the parent compound. Noeurostegine and the three uronic-noeurostegines were additionally evaluated as inhibitors against a wide panel of glycosidases with the former showing potent inhibition of rat intestinal lactase and trehalase, whereas the latter was found to be inactive.

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