International journal of immunopathology and pharmacology

A novel monoclonal antibody against human CD80 and its immune protection in a mouse lupus-like disease.

PMID 21978690


Blockade of the interactions between CD28/CTLA-4 and their ligands, CD80 (B7, B7.1)/CD86 (B70, B7.2), is an attractive means to induce antigen-specific peripheral tolerance in autoimmune disease and organ transplantation. In this study, we generated and characterized a monoclonal antibody (Clone 4E5) against human CD80. 4E5 could recognize both human and mouse CD80 and suppress mixed lymphocyte reaction in vitro. To investigate their potency for clinical use, we further administrated 4E5 to a mouse lupus-like disease model (C57BL/J6) induced by Pristane. 4E5 could inhibit the immune response and attenuate the severity of lupus-like disease. The data showed 4E5 function and suggested that blockade of CD80/CD28 co-stimulatory signal pathway with 4E5 is a promising strategy to decelerate the progression of lupus-like disease and other autoimmune diseases.