Journal of molecular modeling

Theoretical studies on the structures and detonation properties of nitramine explosives containing benzene ring.

PMID 22009302


The nitramine compounds containing benzene ring were optimized to obtain their molecular geometries and electronic structures at DFT-B3LYP/6-31+G(d) level. The theoretical molecular density (ρ), heat of formation (HOF), energy gap (ΔE(LUMO-HOMO)), charge on the nitro group (-Q(NO2)), detonation velocity (D) and detonation pressure (P), estimated using Kamlet-Jacobs equations, showed that the detonation properties of these compounds were excellent. It is found that there are good linear relationships between density, heat of formation, detonation velocity, detonation pressure and the number of nitro group. The simulation results reveal that molecule G performs similarly to famous explosive HMX, and molecule H outperforms HMX. According to the quantitative standard of energetics as an HEDC (high energy density compound), molecule H essentially satisfies this requirement. These results provide basic information for molecular design of novel high energetic density compounds.