Zhongguo Zhong xi yi jie he za zhi Zhongguo Zhongxiyi jiehe zazhi = Chinese journal of integrated traditional and Western medicine

[Assessment on the clinical efficacy and safety of xiezhuo chubi recipe in treating hyperuricemia].

PMID 22013799


To observe the clinical efficacy and safety of Xiezhuo Chubi Recipe (XCR) on hyperuricemic patients. 99 patients with hyperuricemia were randomly assigned to the XCR group, the Benzbromarone group, and the blank control group. Patients in the XCR group took XCR, one dosage daily, twice per day. Patients in the Benzbromarone group took Benzbromarone Tablet (50 mg each tablet, once per day). Patients in the blank control group were not treated with any drug, but only with clinical observation. Twenty days consisted of one course of treatment. The laboratory data including uric acid, blood routines, urine routines, the liver function, and the renal function were statistically analyzed before and after treatment. The blood uric acid decreased in the three groups after treatment (P<0.05). The total effective rate was 85.71% in the XCR group, 92.86% in the Benzbromarone group, and 23.33% in the blank control group. There was no statistical difference between the XCR group and the Benzbromarone group (P>0.0167). There was no significant difference in the safety indices such as blood routines, urine routines, liver functions, and renal functions of the XCR group between before and after treatment (P>0.05). XCR could effectively reduce the uric acid level with higher safety.

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