Analytical and bioanalytical chemistry

Dual-polarization interferometry for quantification of small molecules using aptamers.

PMID 22038591


An interferometry-based method was developed for detection of a small molecule, argininamide. The quantification of argininamide was demonstrated using aptamers immobilized on silicone oxynitride sensor surface via avidin-biotin binding. The aptamers formed a thin film over avidin layer corresponding to a thickness of 1.2 nm, consistent with a molecular positioning of multipoint attachment to the surface. The binding of argininamide did not cause any significant changes in the thickness of the aptamer film, suggesting that the specific binding did not affect the overall conformation of the aptamer molecules after adaptive rearrangement of aptamer molecules. However, the binding results in clearly detectable changes in mass calculated from multiple parameters determined by mass deposition and structural changes. The limit of detection of the developed sensor was determined to be 5 μM. The sensor can monitor real-time changes in argininamide concentrations with high reliability and sensitivity. The model system demonstrated that a combined measurement considering structural and mass changes through interferometry-based techniques can overcome one of the major problems associated with real-time monitoring of small mass analytes.

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L-Argininamide dihydrochloride
C6H15N5O · 2HCl