European journal of gynaecological oncology

Hormonal replacement therapy in ovarian cancer survivors: a survey among Greek gynecologists.

PMID 22053670


In this survey we evaluated the prescription attitude of Greek gynecologists towards hormone replacement therapy (HRT) for ovarian cancer survivors. An anonymous questionnaire was sent to 900 members of the Hellenic Society of Obstetrics and Gynecology presenting a hypothetical case of an ovarian cancer survivor with indications for HRT followed by a series of relevant questions. Two hundred and ninety-eight responses were analyzed with regards to age, gender and practice setting. HRT would be prescribed by 48% of Greek gynecologists; regarding type of regimen, 60% would prescribe tibolone, 19% estrogen alone and 21% estrogen plus progestagen. In contrast, 52% of Greek gynecologists would not prescribe HRT due to the fear of ovarian cancer relapse (83%), or the development of breast cancer (6%), or both cancers (9%); among them, 21% would alternatively prescribe CNS medications, 9% SERMs, phyto-estrogens or bisphosphonates, while the remaining 70% would not prescribe anything. One out of two Greek gynecologists would prescribe HRT in ovarian cancer survivors. An alternative therapy, mainly CNS medications, would be suggested by 21% of the opposers.

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