Urologiia (Moscow, Russia : 1999)

[Administration of vitaprost plus for prevention of infectious-inflammatory complications of transurethral prostatic resection in patients with prostatic adenoma].

PMID 22066244


The study of efficacy and safety of the drug vitaprost plus (rectal suppositories) in its use for prevention of infectious-inflammatory complications after transurethral resection (TUR) of the prostate for adenoma included 55 male surgical patients with prostatic adenoma (PA). The patients were randomized into two groups matched by age, symptoms and clinical data. The control group consisted of 20 patients (group 1), the study group--of 35 patients (group 2). TUR of the prostate was made in both groups, but patients of group 2 were given additional prophylactic treatment--vitaprost plus, one suppository before going to bed 2 days before surgery and for 8 days after TUR, the course lasted for 10 days. Postoperative blood and urine samples showed inflammatory changes more often in group 1, free of infection bacterial tests were more often in group 2. Renal microcirculation in group 1 after TUR evidenced for functional depression on perfusion intensity and renal ischemia and congestion. These changes persisted on postoperative day 8, being a potential cause of renal inflammation and ascending pyelonephritis. Group 2 patients exhibited insignificant postoperative microcirculatory disorders in the kidneys and were not registered on postoperative day 8. Infectious-inflammatory complications in group 1 patients were registered much more frequently than in group 2 patients. Thus, vitaprost plus can be recommended for prophylaxis of infectious-inflammatory complications of TUR in PA patients.

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