Circulation. Arrhythmia and electrophysiology

Reduced ventricular proarrhythmic potential of the novel combined ion-channel blocker AZD1305 versus dofetilide in dogs with remodeled hearts.

PMID 22080293


AZD1305 is an investigational antiarrhythmic agent for management of atrial fibrillation. It blocks various cardiac ion currents at different potencies and has atrial-predominant electrophysiological effects. We investigated the electrophysiological and proarrhythmic effects of AZD1305 versus dofetilide in dogs with chronic complete atrioventricular block and myocardial hypertrophic remodeling. AZD1305 was administered to anesthetized mongrel dogs before and >2 weeks after the induction of atrioventricular block and ventricular and atrial electrophysiological parameters were assessed. In all dogs, the selective I(Kr) blocker dofetilide was used to examine susceptibility to acquired torsades de pointes in chronic atrioventricular block and for comparison. At normal sinus rhythm, AZD1305 increased QT and RR intervals from 290±7 to 397±15 ms (+37%, P<0.0001) and from 603±22 to 778±32 ms (+29%, P=0.002), respectively. In the same animals at chronic atrioventricular block, AZD1305 increased the QT interval from 535±28 to 747±36 ms (+40%, P<0.0001), similar to the QT prolongation by dofetilide (511±22 to 703±45 ms [+38%, P<0.0001]). AZD1305 slightly slowed the idioventricular rhythm. Whereas all (n=14) chronic atrioventricular block animals exhibited torsades de pointes on dofetilide, the arrhythmia was induced in only 4 of 11 dogs after AZD1305. Beat-to-beat variability of left-ventricular monophasic-action-potential duration increased after dofetilide (2.3±0.2 to 6.3±0.7 ms; P<0.0001) but not after AZD1305 (2.8±0.3 to 3.7±0.3 ms; P=0.20) despite similar left-ventricular monophasic-action-potential duration prolongations. Despite causing similar degrees of repolarization delay as the selective I(Kr) blocker dofetilide, the combined ion-channel blocker AZD1305 induces less repolarization instability and has a lower ventricular proarrhythmic potential in the remodeled dog heart.

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