Journal of fluorescence

Study on synthesis and spectrum of novel styryl cyanine dyes with a carbazole bridged chain.

PMID 22108901


Based on the frequently-used cyanine dye probe thiazole orange (TO), a novel kind of cyanine dye was designed and synthesized. Carbazole was inserted into the methylidyne structure of TO as a bridge to afford a kind of novel styryl cyanine dye with carbazole bridged chain. The dyes were characterized by HNMR and MS. The spectra of the novel dyes were also studied and the results showed that the fluorescent wavelength of novel carbzole dye shifted red for 100 nm, stock shift increased by 70 nm and the fluorescent intensity enhanced by 70 times compared to that of TO. When the novel dye was labeled by BSA, its fluorescent wavelength changed little and the intensity enhanced. It is indicated that it can be used as an excellent fluorescent probe in biological labeling.