Drug delivery

Pulsatile systems for colon targeting of budesonide: in vitro and in vivo evaluation.

PMID 22111975


The purpose of this study is to increase the lag time and prevent release of budesonide, a corticosteroid drug used in Crohn's disease for the first 5 h and efficiently deliver it to the colon. Eudragit S100 spray-coated capsules and pulsatile systems using tablet plugs of cellulose acetate butyrate (CAB), HPMC K4M, guar gum, and pectin were prepared. Eudragit S100-coated capsules released 80.62% after 5 h. In pulsatile systems, decreasing the ratio of the polymer significantly increased the rate and extent of drug release. Spray-coating with EUD S100 decreased the extent of drug release to 48.41%, 69.94%, 80.58%, and 45.23% in CAB, HPMC K4M, pectin, and guar gum, respectively; however, the entire amount was released in the target area. In the presence of bacterial enzymes, selected formulas showed nearly 100% release. X-ray imaging performed to monitor the capsules throughout the GIT in human volunteers of the capsules and spray-coated pulsatile systems with 25% guar gum in the plug showed bursting in the transverse and ascending colon, respectively. Both formulations showed marked reduction in induced rabbit colitis model.