Yakugaku zasshi : Journal of the Pharmaceutical Society of Japan

[World constructed by self-organization of some amphiphils--with a focus on vesicle formation--].

PMID 22129875


The world constructed by self-organization of some amphiphils was discussed on the basis of micelle formation, vesicle formation, and oriented-nano-wire formation. First, the micelle formation of a both water- and oil- soluble surfactant, Aerosol OT, was discussed. Solution states of micelles and monomer were discussed on the basis of thermodinamic and NMR spectroscopic analyses of micelle formation. Next, micelle-vesicle transition was discussed. It was proposed that the phospholipid LUV formation by removing detergents and destruction by adding detergents occurred via 4 stages. The 4 stage model instead of the 3 stage model could not only elucidate the complicated phenomena observed during micelle-vesicle transition, but predicted the size and properties of the vesicles formed by detergent removal from mixed micelles. Next, the vesicle formation of a fatty acid with a single hydrophobic chain different from phospholipid, which has two hydorophobic chains, was discussed. The vesicle formation was strongly affected by the presence of preformed vesicles and the size was biased on the preformed vesicles. It was shown there exist two pass ways in the process of micelle-vesicle transition by pH jump. One is fission of the preformed vesicles after transfer of monomers from newly added oleate micelles and the other is transition from the mixed micelles after partial solubilization by the oreate micelles. Then, the vesicle formation of HCO-10, which has 3 hydrophobic chains, the mixed vesicle formation of phosphatidylethanolamine and lysophosphtidylcholine, which can not form vesicles, and the phospholipid vesicle formation and destruction by removing and adding PEG-lipid, were discussed. Lastly, oriented nano wire formation of mulamyldipeptid-conjugated lipids with ca 5 nm of diameter was discussed.

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