Journal of chromatography. A

Determination of sevoflurane and its metabolite hexafluoroisopropanol by direct injection of human plasma into gas chromatography-tandem mass spectrometry.

PMID 22137778


The developed method for trace analysis of volatile components in plasma allows direct injection of up to 150 samples to the GC-MS/MS system without injector cleaning. This method requires no modification of plasma and the working environment does not interfere with the determination of these analytes. The method allows simultaneous quantification of non-polar sevoflurane and its polar metabolite hexafluoroisopropanol (free, unconjugated form). It is characterized by high repeatability and sensitivity with the detection limit of 0.009 mg L(-1) for sevoflurane and 0.018 mg L(-1) for hexafluoroisopropanol and the linear range 0.050-150 mg L(-1). The method was used to determine the concentration of sevoflurane and hexafluoroisopropanol in plasma samples of 7 patients undergoing general anesthesia with sevoflurane. The average concentration of sevoflurane and free hexafluoroisopropanol was 57.2 mg L(-1) and 0.39 mg L(-1), respectively. The method can be applied for clinical monitoring, as well as for analytical toxicology.