Journal of cyclic nucleotide research

Inhibition of adenylate cyclase in human blood platelets by 9-substituted adenine derivatives.

PMID 221552


A series of 9-substituted adenine derivatives inhibited adenylate cyclase activity (ATP pyrophosphate-lyase (cyclizing) EC of a particulate preparation of human blood platelets. A 3--6 fold elevation of adenylate cyclase activity by prostaglandin E1 (PGE1) was inhibited in a concentration-related manner by 9-(tetrahydro-5-methyl-2-furyl) adenine (SQ 22,538), 9-(tetrahydro-2-furyl) adenine (SQ 22,536), 9-cyclopentyladenine (SQ 22,534), 9-furfuryladenine (sQ 4647) and 9-benzyladenine (SQ 218611). The I50 values ranged from 21 microM for SQ 22,538 to 140 microM for SQ 21,611. These same adenine derivatives reversed the inhibition by PGE1 of ADP-induced aggregation and the PGE1-stimulated elevation of adenosine 3':5'-monophosphate (cyclic AMP). The reversal of platelet aggregation inhibition by SQ 22,536 and SQ 4647 was concentration-related with I50 values of 30 microM in each case, whereas SQ 22,534 and SQ 21,611 reversed inhibition by 30% at 100 microM. SQ 22,536, SQ 22,534 and SQ 21,611 also blocked the increase in cyclic AMP levels in a concentration-related manner with I50 values of 1, 4 and 60 microM, respectively. SQ 4647 inhibited the elevation of cyclic AMP by more than 85% at 1000 microM. The adenine derivatives had no effect on platelet aggregation or on cyclic AMP levels in the absence of PGE1. These results provide additional evidence that the inhibition of platelet aggregation by PGE1 is mediated by cyclic AMP.