Acta cirurgica brasileira

Effect of zafirlukast on capsular contracture around silicone implants in rats.

PMID 22159431


To evaluate the effect of zafirlukast on capsular contracture around silicone implants by measuring the pressure within the implant, using a rat experimental model. Forty adult female Wistar rats were used. Each one received two silicone implants, one with smooth-surface and the other with textured-surface. They were randomly divided into four groups (n=10). The rats of control group I were sacrificed after the implants. The remaining animals were subjected to a daily regimen of intra-peritoneal injection for a period of 90 days and they were distributed as follows: control group II received 0.9% physiological saline solution; experimental group I received zafirlukast 1.25 mg/kg; and experimental group II received zafirlukast 5 mg/kg. The measurement of intra-implant pressure of control group I was determined on the surgery day and in other groups on the ninetieth day, after being sacrificed. In the evaluation of textured implants there was an increase of internal pressure in the control group II, and there was no increase in the experimental groups. Compared to the controls there were not significant differences in smooth implants. Zafirlukast reduced the risk of developing capsular contracture around silicone implants with textured surface.