Journal of agricultural and food chemistry

Purification and characterization of two chitosanase isoforms from the sheaths of bamboo shoots.

PMID 22166086


Two thermally stable chitosanase isoforms were purified from the sheaths of chitosan-treated bamboo shoots. Isoforms A and B had molecular masses of 24.5 and 16.4 kDa and isoelectric points of 4.30 and 9.22, respectively. Using chitosan as the substrate, both isoforms functioned optimally between pH 3 and 4, and the optimum temperatures for the activities of isoforms A and B were 70 and 60 °C, respectively. The kinetic parameters K(m) and V(max) for isoform A were 0.539 mg/mL and 0.262 μmol/min/mg, respectively, and for isoform B were 0.183 mg/mL and 0.092 μmol/min/mg, respectively. Chitosans were susceptible to degradation by both enzymes and could be converted to low molecular weight chitosans between 28.2 and 11.7 kDa. Furthermore, the most susceptible chitosan substrates were 50-70 and 40-80% deacetylated for isoforms A and B, respectively. Both enzymes could also degrade chitin substrates with lower efficacy. N-Bromosuccinimide and Woodward's reagent K strongly inhibited both enzymes.