Bioorganic & medicinal chemistry letters

Design, synthesis and evaluation of novel molecules with a diphenyl ether nucleus as potential antitubercular agents.

PMID 22197389


A series of compounds with a diphenyl ether nucleus were synthesized by incorporating various amines into the diphenyl ether scaffold with an amide bond. Their antitubercular activities were evaluated against Mycobacterium tuberculosis H(37)Rv by a microdilution method, with MIC values ranging from 4 to 64μg/mL. Through structure-activity relationship studies, the two chlorine atoms at 3 and 4 positions in the phenyl ring of R(2) group were found to play a significant role in the antitubercular activity. The most potent compound 6c showed an MIC value of 4μg/mL and a good safety profile in HepG2 cell line by the MTT assay. Compound 6c was further found to be effective in a murine model of BCG infection, providing a good lead for subsequent optimization.