Journal of surgical education

Effect of petroleum gauze packing on the mechanical properties of suture materials.

PMID 22208830


To test the tensile properties of knotted suture made of 4 different suture materials and exposed to petroleum gauze. We tested the tensile strength of United States Pharmacopeia size 0-0 gauge polydioxanone, polyglyconate, glycolide/lactide copolymer, and silk when exposed to petroleum packing or saline. Suture materials were randomized, and knots were tied and then evaluated via tensiometer to the point of knot failure. A total of 285 knots were tied in 8 groups based on material and exposure to saline or petroleum gauze. We found that petroleum exposure knots failed at a mean of 116.7 N (SD = 31.5) and that saline soaked knots failed at 123.8 N (SD = 32.0). We conducted a 4 × 2 factorial analysis of variance, finding knots exposed to petroleum failed at a statistically significantly lower tensile strengths than saline soaked knots (p = 0.002). Petroleum-exposed sutures fail at lower tensions than saline-exposed sutures.