The Journal of biological chemistry

Acridine yellow G blocks glioblastoma growth via dual inhibition of epidermal growth factor receptor and protein kinase C kinases.

PMID 22215664


Amplification of the epidermal growth factor receptor (EGFR), frequently expressed as a constitutively active deletion mutant (EGFRvIII), occurs commonly in glioblastoma multiformes (GBM). However, blockade of EGFR is therapeutically disappointing for gliomas with PTEN deletion. To search for small molecules treating this aggressive cancer, we have established a cell-based screening and successfully identified acridine yellow G that preferentially blocks cell proliferation of the most malignant U87MG/EGFRvIII cells over the less malignant U87MG/PTEN cells. Oral administration of this compound markedly diminishes the brain tumor volumes in both subcutaneous and intracranial models. It directly inhibits EGFR and PKCs with IC(50) values of ~7.5 and 5 μM, respectively. It dually inhibits EGFR and PKCs, resulting in a blockade of mammalian target of rapamycin signaling and cell cycle arrest in the G(1) phase, which leads to activation of apoptosis in the tumors. Hence, combinatorial inhibition of EGFR and PKCs might provide proof of concept in developing therapeutic agents for treating malignant glioma and other human cancers.

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Acridine Yellow G, Dye content 90 %
C15H15N3 · HCl