International journal of biological macromolecules

Microbial production of levansucrase for synthesis of fructooligosaccharides and levan.

PMID 22234294


A newly isolated thermophilic bacterial strain from Tunisian thermal source was identified as Bacillus sp. and was selected for its ability to produce extracellular levansucrase. Following the optimization of carbon source, nitrogen source, temperature and initial pH of the growth medium in submerged liquid cultures. In fact, sucrose was found to be a good inducer of levansucrase enzymes. The optimal temperature and pH of the levansucrase were 50°C and 6.5, respectively and its activity increased four folds in the presence of 50mM Fe(2+). This enzyme exhibited a remarkable stability and retained 100% of its original activity at 50°C for more than 1h at pH 6.5. The half-life of the enzyme was 1h at 90°C. Crude enzyme of Bacillus sp. rich in levansucrase was established for the synthesis of fructooligosaccharides and levan. Bacillus sp. could therefore be considered as a satisfactory and promising producer of thermostable levansucrases. Contrary to other levansucrases, the one presented in the current study was able to produce high levels of levan with high molecular weight at 50°C and having an important effect as a hypoglycemic agent which was demonstrated in our previous publications (Dahech et al., 2011 [25]) and as a hypo-cholesterolemic agent which will be investigated in further research.

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