Gan to kagaku ryoho. Cancer & chemotherapy

[Initial report of strontium-89 chloride treatment for painful osseous metastases at Sakai Municipal Hospital].

PMID 22241353


Strontium-89 chloride has been available at our hospital for painful osseous metastases since October 2008. Of the 17 patients(22 treatments)seen until September 2010, response to initial treatment of 13 patients was analyzed. These included cancers of the lung(5 patients, 6 treatments), breast(4 patients), thyroid(2 patients, 5 treatments), liver, 1, and prostate, 1. Other treatments patients received within 1 month of Sr-89 injection were; chemotherapy, 5 patients; radiotherapy, 3 patients; and bisphosphonate, 9 patients. The treatment effects were assessed 1 month after injection, and for 11 of the 13 patients, pain-relief was obtained in a mild and gradual manner. Transient flare was frequently observed, some of which made assessment of pain-relief in 6 patients difficult. We recognized that the bone marrow function before treatment was well above the 'Optimal Treatment Manual Japan ' criteria. After treatment, bone marrow functions kept above the value of grade 2(CTCAE), and even in 5 patients with recent or concomitant chemotherapy, it remained above grade 3 of the CTCAE criteria. These results led us to the conclusion that the indication and inclusion criteria for strontium-89 chloride treatment should be patients with an earlier bone metastasis burden that is currently manifested, without too much attention to bone marrow function criteria.