Current opinion in infectious diseases

Miltefosine and cutaneous leishmaniasis.

PMID 22248979


Miltefosine is a new oral treatment against leishmaniasis. The evidence about its use in New and Old World cutaneous leishmaniasis is presented and discussed. Miltefosine is being tested with small clinical trials mainly in endemic cutaneous leishmaniasis regions of South America and Iran. Severe cutaneous leishmaniasis forms successfully treated with miltefosine are reported. The use of miltefosine in cutaneous leishmaniasis has been addressed in a few clinical trials. An important advantage of this drug is its oral administration when compared with the standard parenteral drugs in the context of a large-scale use in the inner regions of the endemic countries. Miltefosine also shows activity in severe or refractory cases. However, this review points out the need for further investment on clinical research into cutaneous leishmaniasis treatment.