Natural product research

Extraction of the antimicrobial peptide cerein 8A by aqueous two-phase systems and aqueous two-phase micellar systems.

PMID 22260198


Cerein 8A is an antimicrobial peptide with potential application against food spoilage and pathogenic bacteria. The partitioning of cerein 8A was investigated in two liquid-liquid extraction systems that are considered promising for bioseparation and purification purposes. Aqueous two-phase systems (ATPSs) were prepared with polyethylene glycol (PEG) and inorganic salts, and the addition of NaCl was investigated in this system. The best results concerning partition coefficients (K (b)) were obtained with PEG + ammonium sulphate, and K (b) value significantly increases when NaCl was added. Cerein 8A was effectively extracted into the micelle-rich phase in a 4% Triton X-114 medium. Recovery yield was higher for ATPS compared to micellar systems. Cerein 8A can be isolated from a crude suspension containing the bioactive molecule by ATPSs. Successful implementation of peptide partitioning represents an important step towards developing a low-cost effective separation method for cerein 8A.