Journal of molecular microbiology and biotechnology

Heterologous expression of manganese peroxidase in Aspergillus niger and its effect on phenanthrene removal from soil.

PMID 22286039


A strain of Aspergillus niger, previously isolated from sugarcane bagasse because of its capacity to degrade phenanthrene in soil by solid culture, was used to express a manganese peroxidase gene (mnp1) from Phanerochaete chrysosporium, aiming at increasing its polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons degradation capacity. Transformants were selected based on their resistance to hygromycin B and the discoloration induced on Poly R-478 dye by the peroxidase activity. The recombinant A. niger SBC2-T3 strain developed MnP activity and was able to remove 95% of the initial phenanthrene (400 ppm) from a microcosm soil system after 17 days, whereas the wild strain removed 72% under the same conditions. Transformation success was confirmed by PCR amplification using gene-specific primers, and a single fragment (1,348 bp long, as expected) of the recombinant mnp1 was amplified in the DNA from transformants, which was absent from the parental strain.