Journal of biochemistry

Primary structure of human plasma glutathione peroxidase deduced from cDNA sequences.

PMID 2229017


Human plasma glutathione peroxidase (GSHPx) has been shown to be a selenium-containing enzyme immunologically distinct from cellular GSHPx. Oligonucleotide probes, based on the partial amino acid sequence of plasma GSHPx, were synthesized and used to screen a human placenta cDNA library. Nucleotide sequence analysis of the obtained clones revealed that GSHPx consisted of a 678-base pair open reading frame coding for a 226-amino acid polypeptide with a Mr of 25,389. About 50% of the deduced amino acid sequence was confirmed by partial amino acid sequencing of the peptides in a lysine endopeptidase-digest of the purified enzyme. The amino acid sequence exhibited only 44% homology with that of human cellular GSHPx. Northern blot analysis revealed a single transcript of 2.2 kilobases in the poly(A)+ RNA fractions of human placenta and HepG2 (a human hepatic cell line), but not that of human liver and endothelial cells.