Veterinary parasitology

In vitro susceptibility to antimonials and amphotericin B of Leishmania infantum strains isolated from dogs in a region lacking drug selection pressure.

PMID 22349936


The aim of this study was to evaluate the susceptibility to anti-leishmanial agents of 24 strains isolated from dogs living in the urban area of Alger lacking drug selection pressure. Two different Leishmania infantum zymodemes, MON-1 and MON-281, were identified in these dogs. The in vitro susceptibility to the main forms of antimonial and amphotericin were assessed on promastigote and amastigote life stages in culture. The results obtained for both parasite life stages were concordant whatever the molecule tested. Moreover, our data showed that isolates belonging to the relatively rare zymodeme of L. infantum, MON-281, were less susceptible to antimony than MON-1, when at the same time there was no significant difference for amphotericin B.