Environmental science and pollution research international

Copper and cadmium removal from synthetic industrial wastewater using chitosan and nylon 6.

PMID 22359148


Chitosan with nylon 6 membranes was evaluated as adsorbents to remove copper and cadmium ions from synthetic industrial wastewater. Chitosan and nylon 6 with glutaraldehyde blend ratio with (1:1+Glu, 1:2+Glu, and 2:1+Glu) have been prepared and these were used as membranes to remove copper and cadmium ions from synthetic industrial wastewater. Characterization of the synthesized membrane has been done with FTIR, XRD, TGA/DTA, DSC, and SEM. Chemical parameters for quantities of adsorption of heavy metal contamination have been done and the kinetics of adsorption has also been carried out. The optimal pH for the removal of Cd(II) and Cu(II) using chitosan with nylon 6. Maximum removal of the metals was observed at pH 5 for both the metals. The effect of adsorbent dose also has a pronounced effect on the percentage of removal of the metals. Maximum removal of both the metals was observed at 5 g/100 ml of the adsorbent. Copper and cadmium recovery is parallel at all time. The percentage of removal of copper increased with increase in the pH from 3 to 5. In the case of cadmium containing wastewater, the maximum removal of metal occurred at pH 5. The uptake amount of Cu(2+) ions on chitosan increased rapidly with increasing contact time from 0 to 360 min and then reaches equilibrium after 360 min; the equilibrium constant for copper and cadmium ions is more or less the same for the adsorption reaction.

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