International journal of oral science

Autonomic and cardiovascular effects of pentobarbital anesthesia during trigeminal stimulation in cats.

PMID 22388694


Stimulation of the trigeminal nerve can elicit various cardiovascular and autonomic responses; however, the effects of anesthesia with pentobarbital sodium on these responses are unclear. Pentobarbital sodium was infused intravenously at a nominal rate and the lingual nerve was electrically stimulated at each infusion rate. Increases in systolic blood pressure (SBP) and heart rate (HR) were evoked by lingual nerve stimulation at an infusion rate between 5 and 7 mg·kg(-1)·h(-1). This response was associated with an increase in the low-frequency band of SBP variability (SBP-LF). As the infusion rate increased to 10 mg·kg(-1)·h(-1) or more, decreases in SBP and HR were observed. This response was associated with the reduction of SBP-LF. In conclusion, lingual nerve stimulation has both sympathomimetic and sympathoinhibitory effects, depending on the depth of pentobarbital anesthesia. The reaction pattern seems to be closely related to the autonomic balance produced by pentobarbital anesthesia.

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