Der Anaesthesist

[Dialysis for severe rhabdomyolysis 7 days after multiple trauma].

PMID 22430552


A case report of severe rhabdomyolysis in a 33-year-old motorcyclist after multiple trauma is described. The injuries included severe thoracic and abdominal trauma as well as injuries to the extremities and spinal column. During the first 3 days of treatment a forced volume therapy was performed because of increased levels of creatine kinase during which the patients condition stabilized both hemodynamically and respiratorily. On day 10 the patient developed a rise in temperature to 42°C with no evidence of a re-infection and the creatine kinase levels rose to 109,830 U/l. A continuous hemofiltration was started because of acute renal failure. The creatine kinase levels declined significantly and renal function also returned to normal with adequate diuresis up to day 20. After intensive questioning of the relatives a history of long-term use of anabolic steroids, clenbuterol as well as the intake of testosterone enanthate was conceded. Cocaine and amphetamines were also taken regularly by the patient.