Journal of oleo science

Virucidal effects of bleach activators, sodium alkyl acyloxybenzene sulfonate and acyloxybenzoic acid, against Feline calicivirus.

PMID 22450122


Noroviruses (NVs) are major causative pathogens of gastroenteritis. The disinfection of contaminated clothing during common household washing is desirable. The virucidal effects of 2 bleach activators, sodium alkyl acyloxybenzene sulfonate (OBS) and alkyl acyloxybenzoic acid (OBC), were studied using Feline calicivirus (FCV) as a surrogate for NVs. FCV was added to solutions containing either OBS or OBC and sodium percarbonate at various temperatures and for varying lengths of time. OBS and OBC, which generate long carbon chain peroxy acids, enhanced the virucidal effect of sodium percarbonate (PC). In particular, sodium lauroyloxybenzene sulfonate (OBS-12) and decanoyloxybenzoic acid (OBC-10) showed superior virucidal effects. Although the virucidal effect of 38-200 mg/L OBS-12 was maintained with 2-5% (v/v) horse serum, there was less of an effect with the same concentration of available chlorine. OBS and OBC have been used as ingredients in some laundry products to increase bleaching activity. It is expected that the use of OBS and OBC is also effective for the inactivation of NVs under common household washing conditions.