Folia microbiologica

Modulation of fungicidal potential of Anabaena strains by light and temperature.

PMID 22457231


The regulation of fungicidal and hydrolytic enzyme activity was investigated in a set of cyanobacterial strains belonging to the genus Anabaena (Anabaena laxa RPAN8, Anabaena iyengarii RPAN9, Anabaena variabilis RPAN59 and Anabaena oscillarioides RPAN69), with A. variabilis RPAN16 serving as negative control. Time course studies undertaken with cultures incubated under different light and temperature conditions revealed enhancement in growth and fungicidal activity under continuous light (CL) and light dark (LD, 16:8) conditions and temperature of 30 °C and 40 °C. A significant increase of 3-18 % in chitosanase activity was recorded in all the 4-week-old cultures under CL condition and at 40 °C. Endoglucanase activity of RPAN8 and 9 was twofolds higher than the other strains under all light/dark conditions and temperature in the 4-week-old cultures, while continuous dark (CD) enhanced CMCase activity in RPAN69. This study provided useful information regarding the most suitable conditions of light and temperature for maximizing hydrolytic enzyme activity and fungicidal activity, as a prelude to their effective use as biocontrol agents.