Chemistry and physics of lipids

Comparison of cardiolipins from Drosophila strains with mutations in putative remodeling enzymes.

PMID 22465155


Cardiolipin is a dimeric phospholipid with a characteristic acyl composition that is generated by fatty acid remodeling after de novo synthesis. Several enzymes have been proposed to participate in acyl remodeling of cardiolipin. In order to compare the effect of these enzymes, we determined the pattern of cardiolipin molecular species in Drosophila strains with specific enzyme deletions, using MALDI-TOF mass spectrometry with internal standards. We established the linear range of the method for cardiolipin quantification, determined the relative signal intensities of several cardiolipin standards, and demonstrated satisfying signal-to-noise ratios in cardiolipin spectra from a single fly. Our data demonstrate changes in the cardiolipin composition during the Drosophila life cycle. Comparison of cardiolipin spectra, using vector algebra, showed that inactivation of tafazzin had a large effect on the molecular composition of cardiolipin, inactivation of calcium-independent phospholipase A(2) had a small effect, whereas inactivation of acyl-CoA:lysocardiolipin-acyltransferase and of the trifunctional enzyme did not affect the cardiolipin composition.