Overexpression of ECM1 contributes to migration and invasion in cholangiocarcinoma cell.

PMID 22489696


Although the expression of extracellular matrix protein-1 (ECM1) has been documented in several tumor models, the function of ECM1 has remained unclear. In this study, expression of ECM1 was detected by real time PCR and immunohistochemistry. The role and mechanism of ECM1 overexpression in cholangiocarcinoma (CCA) cells were assessed by wound-healing, matrigel invasion assay and Western blotting. Expression of ECM1 was significantly elevated in CCA tissues than that in adjacent noncancerous, cholangitis and normal bile duct tissues. Its overexpression was associated with poor differentiation, lymph node metastasis, poor prognosis, and the level of CA199, MMP-9, estrogen receptor. Knockdown of ECM1 suppressed migration and invasion of CCA cells. Using PI3K or IKK inhibitor reduced the level of phospho-Akt or phospho-IκBα as well as ECM1. Taken together, overexpression of ECM1 may contribute to CCA initiation and progression through promoting migration and invasion of CCA cells, its overexpression was associated with Akt/NF-κB signaling axis.