Journal of chromatographic science

An improved ionic liquid-based headspace single-drop microextraction-liquid chromatography method for the analysis of camphor and trans-anethole in compound liquorice tablets.

PMID 22496513


A simple, accurate and sensitive ionic liquid-based headspace single-drop microextraction procedure followed by high-performance liquid chromatography was developed and validated for the determination of camphor and trans-anethole in compound liquorice tablets. The volume of the ionic liquid microdrop was increased to 12 µL by modifying the device of the suspended drop. The stability of the microdrop and the sensitivity of the method were improved. Under the optimum experimental conditions, the calculated calibration curves gave acceptable linearity for camphor and trans-anethole with correlation coefficients of 0.9990 and 0.9998, respectively. The repeatability of the proposed method, expressed as relative standard deviation, was below 4.5% (n = 5). The limits of detection for the two target analytes were found to be 9.77 and 1.95 × 10(-2) μg/mL, respectively. In this study, the separation, purification and enrichment were achieved in one step in an airtight system, which reduced the interferences caused by other complicated constituents, increased the signal-to-noise of the method and ensured the accuracy of the results because there was no loss of volatile components. It is expected to be widely applied for sample pretreatment of volatile components with high boiling points in samples with complicated matrices such as the extractions of plants or Chinese traditional drugs.