Gan to kagaku ryoho. Cancer & chemotherapy

[Trigger point therapy for myofascial pain in cancer patients (second report) analysis results of special use-results surveillance by neovitacain® injection].

PMID 22504686


Our first report mentioned the analysis results of the safety and efficacy of trigger point (TP) therapy by Neovitacain® injection (NV) in the daily clinical treatment of myofascial pain in cancer patients. This time, we report additional considerations regarding the following points; (1) Injection sites: they were concentrated on both sides of the spine, indicating that TPs could be easily formed on the points and near them to support the body's weight when patients were supine. (2) Correlation between VAS and FS: VAS and FS were positively correlated in every measurement period. (3) Patient satisfaction: many patients made several comments expressing feelings of satisfaction from this treatment. The comments were considered to reflect the patients' candid feelings. Therefore, all comments were classified according to the degree of patients' feeling of satisfaction. It may be possible to obtain much higher patient satisfaction by hearing out the voice of the patients. Judging from this study, TP therapy by NV for myofascial pain in cancer patients relieved the total pain of cancer patients. TP therapy has potential for obtaining high patient satisfaction.