Advanced materials (Deerfield Beach, Fla.)

High-efficiency inverted polymer solar cells with transparent and work-function tunable MoO(3)-Al composite film as cathode buffer layer.

PMID 22511394


High-efficiency inverted polymer solar cells based on PCDTBT:PC(70)BM blend with the MoO(3)-Al composite film as the cathode buffer layer and the MoO(3)/Al as the anode have been demonstrated. A V(OC) of 0.88 V, a J(SC) of 10.88 mA cm(-2), a FF of 70.7% and a PCE of 6.77% are achieved. The MoO(3)-Al composite films are highly transparent with adjustable work functions which can be fine tuned based on the Al content in the composite, thus allowing us to optimize the interfacial property at cathode buffer layer/BHJ interfaces to reduce recombination loss and to improve the photovoltaic performance. This new approach has simplified the device fabrication and will render economizing in large scale applications.