Environmental technology

Evaluation of vermicompost as a raw natural adsorbent for adsorption of pesticide methylparathion.

PMID 22519100


The assessment of vermicompost (VC) as a low-cost and alternative adsorbent for the removal of the pesticide methylparathion (MP) from an aqueous medium has been investigated by batch and column experiments. Parameters related to MP adsorption, i.e. equilibrium time (61.5 min) and adsorption pH (6.8) were optimized by using Doehlert design. The initial and final MP concentrations after adsorption assays were determined by square-wave adsorptive cathodic stripping voltammetry using an electrode composed of a multiwalled carbon nanotube dispersed in mineral oil. Batch adsorption experimental data were fitted to the Langmuir and Freundlich isotherm adsorptions, and a very good fit to the Langmuir linear model, giving a maximum adsorption capacity (MAC) of 0.17 mg g(-1). This result was very similar to that obtained with the column experiments. In order to evaluate the MP desorption from column packed VC, 100.0 ml of nitric acid solution (pH 3.0) has been percolated through material. No leaching of MP was observed, thus confirming the strong interaction between MP and VC. The satisfactory MAC obtained and low cost makes the VC a reliable natural material for the removal of MP from aqueous effluents.