Photochemical & photobiological sciences : Official journal of the European Photochemistry Association and the European Society for Photobiology

β-Cyclodextrin polymer nanoparticles as carriers for doxorubicin and artemisinin: a spectroscopic and photophysical study.

PMID 22576059


The association of doxorubicin (DOX) and artemisinin (ART) to a β-CyD-epichlorohydrin crosslinked polymer (pβ-CyD), organized in nanoparticles of ca. 15 nm size, was investigated in neutral aqueous medium by circular dichroism (CD), UV-vis absorption and fluorescence. The stability constants and the absolute CD spectra of the drug complexes were determined by global analysis of multiwavelength data from spectroscopic titrations. The polymer pβ-CyD proved able to disrupt the DOX dimer when the latter is the predominant form of DOX in solution. The spectroscopic and photophysical properties of the complexes evidenced an alcohol-like environment for ART and an improved inherent emission ability for DOX in the nanoparticle frame.