Pharmaceutical development and technology

Optimization of propranolol HCl release kinetics from press coated sustained release tablets.

PMID 22582904


Press-coated sustained release tablets offer a valuable, cheap and easy manufacture alternative to the highly expensive, multi-step manufacture and filling of coated beads. In this study, propranolol HCl press-coated tablets were prepared using hydroxylpropylmethylcellulose (HPMC) as tablet coating material together with carbopol 971P and compressol as release modifiers. The prepared formulations were optimized for zero-order release using artificial neural network program (INForm, Intelligensys Ltd, North Yorkshire, UK). Typical zero-order release kinetics with extended release profile for more than 12 h was obtained. The most important variables considered by the program in optimizing formulations were type and proportion of polymer mixture in the coat layer and distribution ratio of drug between core and coat. The key elements found were; incorporation of 31-38 % of the drug in the coat, fixing the amount of polymer in coat to be not less than 50 % of coat layer. Optimum zero-order release kinetics (linear regression r2 = 0.997 and Peppas model n value > 0.80) were obtained when 2.5-10 % carbopol and 25-42.5% compressol were incorporated into the 50 % HPMC coat layer.