Acta poloniae pharmaceutica

Determination of local anesthetics in illegal products using HPLC method with amperometric detection.

PMID 22594253


An HPLC method with amperometric detection was developed for analysis of two local anesthetics (lidocaine and benzocaine) in products for delaying ejaculation illegally marketed in Polish sex shops. Chromatographic elution on an RP column C18 with mobile phase composed of acetate buffer with acetonitrile, provides an optimal separation not only of active substances but also electroactive preservatives which are occasionally added to cosmetic creams (methylparaben and propylparaben). Application of glassy carbon electrode as a working electrode and a procedure with pulsed potential waveforms enables a sensitive, accurate measurement within a relatively short analysis time (250 s). This method has been successfully employed for the determination of local anesthetics in products under investigation. The obtained results show that most samples contained therapeutic concentrations of lidocaine or benzocaine. According to European law, a sale of products containing lidocaine or benzocaine outside the pharmacy sector is forbidden.