[Cyto B dependent and ouabain insensitive regulatory volume decrease in bicellular mouse embryo].

PMID 22650075


Mouse single-cell embryos exhibit robust Regulatory Volume Decrease (RVD). In what manner the very early mammalian embryo following zygote stage is appreciably altered by the anisotonic extracellular solution is, as yet, totally unclear. Little attention was paid to this direction since there was no way to determine the blastomere volume. This work has served to quantitatively investigate the osmotic response of bicellular mouse embryos employing Laser Scanning Microtomography (LSM) followed with three-dimensional reconstruction (3 DR). We have shown that bicellular mouse embryos in hypotonic Dulbecco's experience RVD. Embryonic cells subjected to hyposmolar exhibit rapid osmotic swelling followed by gradual shrinking back toward their original volume. The van't Hoff law defines swelling phase with the effective hydraulic conductivity of 0.3 micron x min(-1) x atm(-1). Water release during RVD in bicellular mouse embryos is abolished by Cytochalasin B (Cyto B) and the volume recovery is insensitive to ouabain treatment.