Clinical biochemistry

Paraoxonase 1 (PON1) as a marker of short term death in breast cancer recurrence.

PMID 22659076


To relate paraoxonase (PON1) activity to survival time and short term death in breast cancer recurrence. PON1 activity was measured by its rate of hydrolysis of two different substrates, paraoxon (PON) and phenylacetate (ARE) in 50 patients with recurrence of breast cancer. Results were compared between patients surviving more than one year after the analysis (22) and those who died within one year (28). In a logistic regression analysis, ARE was negatively associated with early death (OR=0.10 [0.02-0.58], p=0.0109). PON did not reach significance (OR=0.43 [0.17-1.11], p=0.0826). In a multiple logistic regression analysis model, ARE was independently associated with early death (OR=0.12 [0.02-0.98], p=0.0476), besides interval time between diagnosis and recurrence (OR=0.54 [0.27-1.07], p=0.0781) and undernutrition (OR=3.95 [0.81-19.19], p=0.0883). Paraoxonase is a potential marker of survival in patients with breast cancer recurrence.