YAP modifies cancer cell sensitivity to EGFR and survivin inhibitors and is negatively regulated by the non-receptor type protein tyrosine phosphatase 14.

PMID 22689061


The Yes-associated protein (YAP) is a transcriptional factor involved in tissue development and tumorigenesis. Although YAP has been recognized as a key element of the Hippo signaling pathway, the mechanisms that regulate YAP activities remain to be fully characterized. In this study, we demonstrate that the non-receptor type protein tyrosine phosphatase 14 (PTPN14) functions as a negative regulator of YAP. We show that YAP forms a protein complex with PTPN14 through the WW domains of YAP and the PPXY motifs of PTPN14. In addition, PTPN14 inhibits YAP-mediated transcriptional activities. Knockdown of YAP sensitizes cancer cells to various anti-cancer agents, such as cisplatin, the EGFR tyrosine kinase inhibitor erlotinib and the small-molecule antagonist of survivin, S12. YAP-targeted modalities may be used in combination with other cancer drugs to achieve maximal therapeutic effects.