Legal medicine (Tokyo, Japan)

High concentration of methidathion detected in a fatal case of organophosphate-poisoning.

PMID 22704879


We report a case of fatal intoxication caused by the ingestion of an organophosphate pesticide, methidathion (DMTP). An 80-year-old male was found dead in his bed. Forensic autopsy revealed no remarkable morphological changes. However, in a toxicological screening test, methidathion was qualitatively detected in extracts of stomach contents. Concentrations of methidathion (μg/g) in body fluids and organ tissues, determined by gas chromatography-mass spectrometry, were as follows; 66.2 in heart blood, 8.33 in peripheral blood, 8.80 in urine, 2000 in the brain (frontal lobe), 4800 in the left lung, 810 in the liver, 150 in the left kidney, and 64,000 in the stomach contents (total 1.9 g). These results strongly suggested that the victim orally ingested methidathion. Additionally, xylene was determined in body fluids and organ tissues. From the toxicological data together with autopsy findings, the cause of his death was diagnosed as acute poisoning by an emulsion of methidathion.

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