Polish journal of microbiology

Design and evaluation of novel primers for the detection of genes encoding diverse enzymes of methylotrophy and autotrophy.

PMID 22708342


The phylogenetic significance of the diversity of key enzymes of methylotrophic and autotrophic metabolism is discussed. Primers for these key enzymes were designed using gene sequences encoding methanol dehydrogenase (mxaF; using subsets from database sequences for 22 Bacteria), hydroxypyruvate reductase (hpr; 36 sequences), methylamine dehydrogenase (mauA; 12 sequences), methanesulfonate monooxygenase (msmA; four sequences), and the ccbL and cbbM genes of ribulose bisphosphate carboxylase (26 and 23 sequences). These were effective in amplifying the correct gene products for the target genes in reference organisms and in test organisms not previously shown to contain the genes, as well as in some methylotrophic Proteobacteria isolated from the human mouth. The availability of the new primers increases the probability of detecting diverse examples of the genes encoding these key enzymes both in natural populations and in isolated bacterial strains.

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