Journal of separation science

Two-step liquid phase microextraction combined with capillary electrophoresis: a new approach to simultaneous determination of basic and zwitterionic compounds.

PMID 22753354


In this work, two-step hollow fiber-based liquid-phase microextraction procedure was evaluated for extraction of the zwitterionic cetirizine (CTZ) and basic hydroxyzine (HZ) in human plasma. In the first step of extraction, the pH of sample was adjusted at 5.0 in order to promote liquid-phase microextraction of the zwitterionic CTZ. In the second step, the pH of sample was increased up to 11.0 for extraction of basic HZ. In this procedure, the extraction times for the first and the second steps were 30 and 20 min, respectively. Owing to the high ratio between the volumes of donor phase and acceptor phase, CTZ and HZ were enriched by factors of 280 and 355, respectively. The linearity of the analytical method was investigated for both compounds in the range of 10-500 ng mL(-1) (R(2) > 0.999). Limit of quantification (S/N = 10) for CTZ and HZ was 10 ng mL(-1) , while the limit of detection was 3 ng mL(-1) for both compounds at a signal to noise ratio of 3:1. Intraday and interday relative standard deviations (RSDs, n = 6) were in the range of 6.5-16.2%. This procedure enabled CTZ and HZ to be analyzed simultaneously by capillary electrophoresis.