Cell transplantation

Comparison of ulinastatin, gabexate mesilate, and nafamostat mesilate in preservation solution for islet isolation.

PMID 22793059


For islet transplantation, maintaining organ viability after pancreas procurement is critically important for optimal graft function and survival. We recently reported that islet yield was significantly higher in the modified ET-Kyoto (MK) solution, which includes a trypsin inhibitor (ulinastatin), compared with the UW solution, and that the advantages of MK solution are trypsin inhibition and less collagenase inhibition. In this study, we compared ulinastatin with other trypsin inhibitors, gabexate mesilate, and nafamostat mesilate, in preservation solution for islet isolation. Ulinastatin was easily dissolved in ET-Kyoto solution, while ET-Kyoto with gabexate mesilate and nafamostat mesilate became cloudy immediately after addition. Although there were no significant differences in islet yield among the three groups, viability was significantly higher for the MK group than for the GK group or the NK group. The stimulation index was significantly higher for the MK group than for the GK group. In summary, there are no other trypsin inhibitors that are more effective than ulinastatin. Based on these data, we now use ET-Kyoto solution with ulinastatin for clinical islet transplantation.

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Gabexate mesylate, analytical standard, for drug analysis
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