Acta neurobiologiae experimentalis

Region-related modular nerve-dependent motor activity in anorectum--cholinergic and nitrergic contribution to rat model.

PMID 22810220


Disturbances of enteric nerve-mediated anorectal evacuation mechanisms have medical and social impact. The study aimed at further eliciting the contribution of cholinergic and nitrergic neurotransmission systems to modular nerve networks in different regions of Wistar rat anorectum. Electrical field stimulation (EFS, 0.8 ms, 40 V, 2, 5 or 10 Hz, 20 s), computerized mechanographic on-line setup and drugs were used to evaluate the motor responses of isolated rings from circular muscle of rectum (proximal, middle, and distal part), internal anal sphincter, and anal canal. Twitch-like frequency-dependent contractions, more pronounced in rectal preparations, characterized the modular motor responses of rectal circular muscle rings and anal canal. Depending on the frequency of stimulation, the motor activity of internal anal sphincter varied from deep long-lasting relaxation to initial short-lasting relaxation, followed by a contraction. Electrically-evoked responses of anorectal preparations were tetrodotoxin (0.1 microM)-sensitive. In the presence of atropine (0.3 microM) the contractions of rectal rings decreased, relaxation of internal anal sphincter increased and inhibition of the contractions of the anal canal occurred, followed by relaxation. During atropine treatment, NG-nitro-L-arginine (0.5 microM) increased the contractile responses and suppressed internal anal sphincter relaxations. L-arginine (0.5 microM) decreased the contractions and extended the relaxations of internal anal sphincter and anal canal. Our results suggest that cholinergic and nitrergic systems are not equally involved in modular nerve networks of various regions of anorectum. Cholinergic transmission is more expressed in distal rectum, underlying its contractile potency, while nitric oxide-dependent transmission(s) control the relaxation ability of the internal anal sphincter and anal canal.