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Host range of Canine minute virus in cell culture.

PMID 22826041


Canine minute virus (CnMV) is a member of the Bocavirus genus, together with Bovine parvovirus (BPV), which emerged as a new pathogen of dogs in 1967. The genus Bocavirus gained more recognition after the recent identification of Human bocavirus in pooled specimens from the respiratory tract of children. The cell culture host range of CnMV appears to be restricted to the Walter Reed canine cell (WRCC) line, although there is a report that indicates susceptibility of the Madin-Darby canine kidney (MDCK) cell line. In order to study the susceptibility of different cell lines to CnMV, the replication in cell cultures of canine, bovine, and human origin and the interaction of the virus with freshly isolated canine peripheral blood mononuclear cells were evaluated. The in vitro host range was unexpectedly wide. As shown by indirect fluorescent antibody and polymerase chain reaction assays, CnMV replicates efficiently in the A72 and MDCK canine cell lines. Bovine and human cell lines support the replication of CnMV less efficiently. In contrast, canine mononuclear blood cells are permissive to replication of CnMV in vitro. The present study revealed the ability of CnMV to replicate in continuous cell lines of different origin and, partially, in canine mononuclear cells.

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