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A semi-analytical algorithm for remote estimation of phycocyanin in inland waters.

PMID 22846774


Phycocyanin (PC) is the unique and important accessory pigment for monitoring toxic cyanobacteria in inland waters. In this study, a semi-analytical algorithm combining both three band indices and a baseline algorithm (TBBA) was developed to estimate PC concentrations and then tested in three eutrophic and turbid reservoirs. TBBA does not need to optimize wavelengths as either the traditional baseline algorithm or three-band algorithms does when it is used across different study sites. TBBA evidently corrects some effects of absorptions due to colored detritus matter and other pigments and backscattering of water column. TBBA accurately estimated PC concentrations with R(2)=0.8573 and rRMSE=31.4% for water samples with the PC range from 1.4 mgm(-3) to 146.1 mgm(-3). Particularly, TBBA outperformed three-band algorithms and a previously proposed semi-empirical algorithm for the prediction of low PC (PC ≤ 50 mgm(-3)) concentration. Further analysis reveals that both the variations of PC:Chl-a and PC:TSM are important factors influencing the performance of all PC algorithms examined in this study and more efforts are required to improve the performance of TBBA on water samples with low PC concentration.

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